I am old. My life dates back to 1818 making me one of the oldest standing courthouses in Indiana. I was the county seat of Perry County Indiana from 1819 to 1859. The building was used as the Rome Academy, housed church congregations, public schools 1 through 12 until 1935, and grades 1 through 8 untill 1966. It is believed that I am the oldest building in Indiana to be utilized for high school students.

In 1973 the citizens of Rome formed the Rome Community Center Inc. Since then I have been used to hold elections, community organization meetings, private functions, and events such as the Spring Dogwood Tour, the past Fall Trail Ride, and the October Heritage Tour. 

On May 12, 1981, I was entered on the National Register of Historic Place. 

I am in dire need of restoration and repair. I hope the future is in my favor and many people will come together to restore me to my past splendor.